Super Kool – leaders in supplying Mobile Ice Cream services for carnivals, charity events, concerts, weddings, School fairs, sports events, etc… No event is too small or too big.


Super Kool will come to the venue wherever it might be, and treat your guests with our yummy ice cream and make your special day even more special.

Children’s birthday parties

Why not have Super Kool come around on party day and give the kids full of surprise. No hiring fee charge and you only pay for the ice cream you have. (Terms and condition apply)

School and fundraiser events

Super Kool can offer soft serve Ice cream on the site of the event. We are happy to make a donation to the schools or event organizer.

Corporate events

Something special for team bonding – let your workers know that you do care. See their faces light up and appreciate a little gift from their employer. Customer Appreciation- Showering your customer who spends a substantial amount of money supporting your business can put a smile on his face and bring him back. We have worked with many companies, both large and small. Small payment and big reward that is what clever boss does.

Large scale events

Super Kool can provide up to eight mobile ice cream trucks to the same event as customers require. Different packages are available to tailor your budget.

Promote your business

Promote your products and services using Super Kool. We have a few different packages for you to choose. Contact us to get more details. Everyone loves Super Kool Ice Cream and they will love your Company even more, if you were the sponsor of … , after serving a free ice cream to crowd and promote your brand or products effectively.  

Alternatively you can print your company’s name and logo on our serviette. We give away thousands of serviettes every week in Auckland area. Wrap a Super Kool Truck with your Company logo and colors… We have done this in the past with great success. We have a variety of trucks that could be used in an Ad Wrap Campaign…. Imagine your company logo and colors being showcased all over Auckland, every single street not just main road.